The joy of having copywriting business mentors

Learning from the experts when starting a business

When I started my freelance copywriting business, there were certain things I missed from life as a company employee. As a sole-trader you are your whole business: writer, marketer, bookkeeper, social media manager and more.

Working alone can be tough when you need a sounding board for business ideas or sticking points. You don’t get the same feedback and direction you would get from an experienced manager in a company. That’s where I found great joy in having mentors. Two amazing women have helped me start a business doing something I love.

Vicky Mann – CMO, entrepreneur and problem solver

I first met Vicky through a previous job, when I was running a charity fundraising event. Vicky was on maternity leave, and she was looking for ways to help in the community. Vicky started meeting with me fortnightly to share ideas, coach and mentor me through the challenges of planning the charity event. Vicky’s advice was always spot on, and she helped to create a great event that raised a lot of money.

After the event was over, we kept catching up regularly. Vicky shared advice on marketing education and career growth, and we became friends. When I decided to start a freelance copywriting business, Vicky was my first customer. I wrote product descriptions for her baby gift products at Little Minx Milestones. I was able to work through my copywriting process with a customer who gave me honest, positive, valuable feedback.

Vicky is a Marketing expert and she shares knowledge that would take me decades to acquire on my own. She shared advice on starting a business, promoting the business, and that I absolutely must get on Instagram (I promise I’ll start posting soon Vicky!). Most of all it’s Vicky’s moral support that has been priceless. As a sole-trader, it’s comforting to know that you have great people in your corner.

Belinda Weaver – Copywriter and coach

As I was thinking about starting a copywriting business, I came across the Hot Copy Podcast, which is a podcast for copywriters all about copywriting. I was in Word Nerd heaven. The hosts, Belinda Weaver and Kate Toon, are seriously experienced writers and I was able to learn from their pearls of copywriting wisdom.

Listening to their advice meant that I was able to start my business efficiently from day one.

I quickly devoured past episodes that talked about how to start a copywriting business, how to make your processes run smoothly, techniques for different copywriting projects and how to work with different types of clients. Through the podcast, Belinda and Kate answered all my copywriting and business questions. It was like they were speaking directly to me.

I signed up for Belinda’s Copywriting Masterclass. On our first live coaching call I had to squash down my awkward fan-girl giggles and try to act cool.

Apart from the technical copywriting skills that Belinda’s course teaches, she has become a wonderful mentor for my business. Belinda always has exactly the right advice for any type of project, and I have been able to learn so much from her. Starting a business is a steep learning curve and Belinda’s valuable advice has lifted me straight to the top.

I am so grateful that these two incredible business owners have shared their knowledge-bombs with me

Without them, where would I be? Probably stuck in an indecisive procrastination cycle. But with their advice? I’m living the dream. I get to write about all sorts of topics including retail products, financial planning, fashion, medical services and party planning. I can choose the clients that I want to work with.

Every new business owner needs a mentor to help them on the right track. I’m very lucky to have found two copywriting business mentors who are simply fabulous. Many, many thanks to Vicky and Belinda.

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