Find out WHY your emails aren’t converting like you hoped

Want to hit your sales targets, increase your profit margins and foster long term relationships with your customers?

With an ecommerce email conversion audit you’ll find out the GOOD, the BAD and the missed OPPORTUNITIES waiting to be unlocked.

All from an email strategist and copywriter with a background in retail. I’ve got you!

Your promotional emails make good sales, but you know they could be doing better.

Your goal is to create strong, long term relationships with your customers, but you have this nagging feeling that your customers are just waiting for discounts.

Most of all, you’d love to increase full-priced sales between promotions because that’s when you make your best profit.

I can help you solve your email conversion problems.

Discover how an email conversion audit finds the gaps in your customer journey and shows you what to fix to solve all these problems.

If you want to DIY the fix, I’ll tell you what you need to do next. Or if you want me to fix your emails for you, we can talk about that too.


Who is this ecommerce email conversion audit for?

Australian retailers selling products online.

Online-only direct to customer (DTC) businesses, or physical stores with online sales.

eCommerce business owners (doing ALL the things, maybe with a small support team).

Businesses with an in-house marketing team, but no email strategist on the team.

Products for the home and products for children.

What does an ecommerce email conversion audit look at?

A lot of factors go into your emails’ success. That’s why this email conversion audit looks at over 24 aspects in five key areas.

At the end of an email audit, you’ll understand how your customers experience your email sequence and the journey you’re taking them on.

This audit is a deep dive into your email data. No hunches, no guesses. 

Plus experienced conversion copywriting eyeballs on your emails, down to word-by-word details. 

You’ll find out the GOOD, the BAD and the missed OPPORTUNITIES.

Most often, there are seemingly small gaps in your customers’ experience that make them drop off and decide not to buy today. 

These gaps are make-or-break critical.

Issues like:

  • Subject lines are not compelling enough to get the emails opened
  • The customer doesn’t feel a sense of connection to the brand
  • Clunky usability on mobile
  • Calls to action that aren’t enticing customers to click

And when you’re too close to the emails, as you are because you’re working in the business everyday, you may not be able to see these issues.

Luckily for you, finding gaps in a customer journey is my superpower. (No capes, though!)

Email Conversion Audit availability is limited

Your email audit isn’t a quick skim through. It’s a detailed, in-depth analysis of your lifecycle email sequence that takes a whole day.

For this reason, I can only complete 2 to 3 email conversion audits each month.

Who’s doing my email conversion audit?

I’m Zoe Heard from Get Heard, and I’m an email strategist and copywriter working in Ngunnawal country, Canberra. I work with online retailers all over Australia, so location is no barrier.

I audit and write lifecycle emails for online retailers selling products for the home and for children.

Lover of homewares, appliances and renovation products. 

Mum of 2 small kids. Obsessed with Bluey. Former Disney Store Melbourne cast member. 

3 cups of Earl Grey tea per day. Wine and chocolate lover.

Email strategist and copywriter with a background in retail

I was a generalist online copywriter for 5 years before discovering my love of ecommerce emails in 2021. 

Now I work exclusively in welcome emails and lifecycle emails for ecommerce and retail brands.

I’m one of the few – possibly the ONLY – ecommerce email strategist and copywriter in Australia with a solid background in retail.

For you, this means I understand your retail business. The planning cycles, how much goes into product development, customer research, promotions, seasonal offers, THE LOT. Not many other copywriters have this depth of experience in retail.

  • I started my career as a cast member at The Disney Store in Melbourne. Got to play with toys for a living and sing along to Disney songs!
  • Embraced my love of homewares working at Bed Bath N Table in the flagship store in Hawthorn.
  • Worked as an Assistant Category Manager for Repco (experienced in white label product creation, purchasing, worked closely with the marketing team, and got good at extracting epic sales data from reports). 
  • Sold large furniture installations for a Dutch office furniture manufacturer.

And now, I have combined my love of retail with my love of copywriting. It’s a match made in heaven!

Love seeing the nitty gritty details?

Drop down this section to see all 24 areas I analyse in an audit.


Goal of the email sequence (what do you want customers to do?)
Customer journey through the email sequence, including messaging flow
Email timing/spacing
Email topics and content themes
Providing value to the customer
Personalisation, segmentation and tagging strategy and execution


List size or segment size
Open rate trends
Click rate trends
Conversion rate trends


From name and from email address
Subject lines
Preview text


Images, Image Alt text and captions
Readability on desktop and mobile views


Landing page/sales page/sign up page review
Test entry point or lead capture mechanics when customers opt in
Sign up Thank you page copy
Writing in every email in the sequence
Calls to Action
Sign off
Link style/formatting

What do I need from you for the email audit?

1. Book your audit date

I can only complete 2-3 email conversion audits in a month, so availability is limited. Click a booking link on this page to choose your audit date and answer the questions. I’ll get in touch with your invoice and to book our briefing call (30-60 minutes).

2. Give me all your juicy data

Like I said, your email conversion audit is based on data, so there are a few things I’ll need from you before we can start. 

Fill in your briefing questionnaire (allow 30 minutes)

Give me guest access to your email service provider (Klaviyo, Keap,  MailChimp, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, Drip or other ESP) (allow 15 minutes)

Provide any relevant customer research about your target customer so I can get inside their heads as I’m analysing your emails (allow 30+ minutes to collate and send research)

3. I take a deep-dive into your emails

While you get on with running your business, I get into the nitty gritty of your emails. I’ll work out what’s working, what’s not working, and how you can improve your conversions. I provide a written report with your action list, and a recorded video walk through of findings and how to fix your emails.

4. Post-audit Q&A call

Within 14 days, we’ll hold a 30 minute Zoom call to ask me any questions about your audit.

5. Choose DIY or DFY

Discuss whether you want to DIY the fixes (in most cases, my clients are able to DIY a majority of the fixes themselves), or whether you prefer me to help with that phase (done for you). It’s up to you.

Not sure? Have questions? 

No problem. Shoot me an email to and let me know what’s on your mind.

I look forward to chatting with you about all things email.