eCommerce Email Marketing Sequences

for Australian retailers selling products for children online


Want to make more dollarbucks from your email marketing?

You have an email list and you send promotional emails regularly. You’re making sales through email, but you know you could be doing better.

Email statistics and strategy sometimes feel overwhelming, so you end up spinning your wheels and repeating the same ho-hum results over and over.

Instead, you know you want to:


Understand why your emails aren’t converting as well as you’d like

Have a solid strategy behind your email marketing instead of pounding customers with promos and hoping for the best

Increase email open rates, click through and sales (but what’s a good rate, anyway?)

Encourage repeat purchases which increases your customer lifetime value

Increase average order value Smash your sales targets

These goals are part of your long term plan, but you don’t know what needs to change to achieve all these goals.

You have an experienced in-house marketing team, and they’re kicking goals, but they’re not necessarily experts in email strategy or copywriting. When you’re stuck and you don’t know what to do, it’s time to get help, and Get Heard:

The next right thing for your online retail business is done-for-you lifecycle email marketing strategy and copywriting from an email strategy expert who is immersed in your industry: products for children and family.


Who do these email sequences work for?

Australian retail businesses with:

  • Physical stores and an online presence
  • Online-only retailers
  • Product manufacturers who sell via wholesale and direct-to-customer online

Particularly since 2020, online retail is BOOMING in Australia. And especially in the children’s space as parents need more ways to entertain their kids.

The great news for you is that this is the perfect time to reach parents in the app that’s with them all the time: EMAIL


Do you wanna build a snowman sequence?

Because of the detail these projects involve, I only take on two welcome email or lifecycle email projects each month, plus a few VIP Days.


Email open rates, click rates, conversion goals, funnels, what next?

You’re looking at your email marketing stats and thinking “15% open rate, 3% click rate: is that OK, or not?”

I get it, email tech and statistics are confusing.

If you’re finding all the metrics in your email service provider overwhelming, you probably need help to make sense of where you’re at, and help with strategy and planning the entire customer lifecycle too.

(Starting with an email conversion audit will help you find out how things have been going, and how your ROI can improve).


Instead of focusing on stats, design your emails to take customers on a journey.

When customers sign up to your list, what happens next?

They get one confirmation email, and then do they go straight into your daily or weekly promo emails? This can be a bit of a shock, because it’s a lot to ask for the sale straight up.

Pretty heavy at this stage of the relationship.

Hold up. Can we get to know each other just a little bit first?

That’s where the welcome and nurture sequence comes in. Your customers need a trust-building introduction to your company and your products. But more about that later.


Speaking of getting to know each other, I’d better introduce myself

I’m Zoe Heard, eCommerce Email Strategist and Copywriter at Get Heard.  I write lifecycle email sequences for Australian retailers selling products for the home and products for children.

Before I started my copywriting business, I worked for many years in retail, and loved it.

Specifically, I worked in homewares sales at Bed Bath N Table, category management at Repco, and sales and customer service at The Disney Store (that was a super fun job!).

As well as being a word nerd, I’m also a Disney nerd. Thanks to the constant in-store music video above plush mountain, I have an encyclopaedic knowledge of Disney song lyrics.

Actual photo of me, Zoe, from 2011:

I’m also a mum to two small children (age 6 and 3), so we buy and use a lot of children’s products in our home.

As a result I’m always watching the kind of emails I get when I subscribe and buy children’s products online.  And we watch a LOT of Bluey in our house (hands down, Bluey is the best kids’ TV show ever).

In a nutshell, I am the email strategist who can help you build the bridge from where your email marketing is now, to the lofty heights you’d like it to be.

(Not an actual photo of me, but a girl can dream, right?)

Email is seriously profitable, but only when it’s done well

At first glance, it’s a big ask for customers to place their trust and loyalty in your business. Any children’s product is a big choice for parents. With any purchase, they’re thinking (consciously or subconsciously):

  • Is this safe for my child?
  • Will my child enjoy it?
  • What’s the quality like?
  • How long before they grow out of it?
  • Does it contain any toxic materials?
  • Is this going to hurt when I step on it?

Parents are trusting their child’s safety to your product. This is a big responsibility. 

Because children’s products are such an important part of their lives at this stage.

And they’re calculating the value in terms of “will this buy me enough quiet minutes of play to drink a cup of tea in peace?”

(Personally I consider purchases in terms of “quiet play time minutes”. My next purchase will be a cubby house because that’s a 30 minutes at a time toy, making it a worthwhile investment.)

If you can demonstrate the exceptional quality of your products, and the amount of thought and research that went into them, you can create strong connections with parents. 

Those parents can become customers for life (or at least for the phase of their life while their children are the right age for your products).

So how do you build trust and loyalty with your customers?

With a stellar email welcome sequence.

The welcome sequence is about starting the relationship off right.

When your subscribers get the foundation of your business they know, like and trust you enough to make their first purchase. 

All going well, they’ll love it, and buy again. And tell their friends.


Take your email marketing to infinity and beyond

Did you know that companies with a welcome sequence make 320% more revenue through email?

Impressive, right?

That’s because a stellar welcome sequence can help you:

  • Build relationships with your customers
  • Tell your founder’s story
  • Show why you’re an Australian retail success
  • Showcase testimonials from other parents
  • Skyrocket your email conversions
  • Smash your sales targets


Email marketing helps you grow brand loyalty and hook customers for life

When for kids launched their new baby bottle range in 2021, Founder Dannielle Michaels said:

“If you can fix a new mother’s feeding problem, you’ve got her for life.”

Dannielle is absolutely right. If your product solves a parent’s problem or brings joy to their child, that family becomes a loyal customer.

Probably forever.

Working with Zoe, and Get Heard, has been a pleasure. It is very difficult to find an external partner that quickly understands your brand, finds your tone of voice and on top of this is able to inject creative direction to further enhance your messaging. Given our small business size it has been great to have a partner that can save us a large amount of time and effort as well as adding a key area of expertise that we don’t have in-house. What used to drain a lot of internal resources is now incredibly efficient. Finally, the investment in Get Heard has seen a significant amount of growth in terms of sales as we are able to zero in on segments that we haven’t been able to reach previously. If you’re struggling with consistently creating great content and reaching your ideal markets then I would highly recommend Get Heard to amplify your marketing reach.

Chris Edwards

General Manager, Oscar Hunt Tailors

How an eCommerce email sequence project works with Get Heard

I create email sequences based on:

  • Audience research
  • Email industry best practice and solid strategy
  • Data, testing and optimisation
  • Conversion copywriting experience
  • Background in retail and digital marketing

Because of the detail these projects involve, I only take on two lifecycle email projects each month, plus a few VIP Days.


What do you get as part of your email sequence?

Email Project Deliverables

1. Depending on which kind of sequence you need, it could be 3 emails or up to 10 emails. I’ll create the exact number of emails you need, based on your goals and the customer journey we’re creating.

2. Clear checklists and deadlines for the information you need to provide before we can start.

3. Your Voice of Customer audience research report, identifying why your customers love your products and service plus any objections or challenges. This is valuable research that you can incorporate across all your messaging

4. Regular project updates so you’re not left wondering where I’m up to.

5. Your strategy and copy delivered in a copy deck, including a sequence flow chart and instructions for how to implement your emails into your email system.

6. A recorded walk-through of your email sequence, where I explain my research findings and reasoning, or a live call if you prefer.

7. A post-project report of your sequence’s performance.


Are you ready to nail your email sales?

Be like Bingo and hit the YES button to skyrocket your email sales.

Project process and timing:

1. Fill in my enquiry form. If I think we’re a good fit to work together, we’ll book a discovery call


2. After your discover call I’ll send a proposal for the type of email project you need. You’ll sign the contract, and make payment


3. Preparation – I’ll send a checklist of things I’ll need access to (email service provider, past campaign statistics and more)


4. 60 minute briefing call. After this you can relax for a while as I work on transforming your emails


5. Customer Research and Strategy. You’ll approve the research messages and strategy before we proceed to writing


6. I write, while you get on with running business. Progress reports during the week

7. Revisions, approval, and wrap up Q&A call

8. Your tech team implements and tests the email sequence (or I can introduce an email technician to help you) then we start the email sequence sending to customers

9. After the sequence has run, I’ll review the performance and provide a report. If the sequence is evergreen, like a welcome sequence or abandoned cart sequence, we’ll review it after 30 days.

10. We celebrate your transformation into email superstars!


Any questions before we start?

Get in touch! You can fill in my enquiry form here, and we can book a call for a chat about your goals for email.