Done well, an eCommerce Email Welcome Sequence starts building a solid relationship with customers from day one.

Does yours?

If you could get a 1.5X increase in revenue via email by up-scaling your eCommerce Email Welcome Sequence, would you be willing to try something different?

Many online retailers have just ONE or maybe two emails to welcome new subscribers. The truth is, they’re missing out on a huge opportunity for sales.

Find out how to make emails the sales hero of your online retail business, from an Australian email strategist and copywriter with a background in retail.

Let’s make it happen.

If you currently have just one welcome email, your automations could be doing so much MORE to nurture subscribers into customers.

Did you know that a multi-part eCommerce Email Welcome Sequence can 1.5X your revenue from email 😍 compared with sending a single standalone email?
(Source: Mailchimp

Wild, right?

That’s because every subscriber gets the same warm welcome into the fold. 

You get to make a memorable first impression, then share information that woos your customers to know, like and trust you over that critical “getting to know you” period.

The best part is, once your email welcome sequence is in place, it’s mostly set and forget. 

If you already have a multi-part Email Welcome Sequence in place and it’s performing OK but could be converting better, consider starting with an eCommerce Email Conversion Audit instead.

Who is the eCommerce Email Welcome Sequence writing package for?

Australian retailers selling products online.

Online-only direct to customer (DTC) businesses, or physical stores with online sales.

eCommerce business owners (doing ALL the things, maybe with a small support team).

Businesses with an in-house marketing team, but no email strategist on the team.

My biggest loves are products for the home and products for children, because that’s where I gained my retail experience.

What does an Email Welcome Sequence do?

The Welcome Sequence’s job is to introduce your brand, tell your story, and help your customers LOVE what you’re about.

This email sequence can be LONG. For best results, ideally at least 5 to 7 emails sent over 1 to 3 weeks. Maybe even more.

Overall, your Welcome Sequence should provide VALUE, covering the range of information your customers need to make a decision:

  • Brand story or Founder’s story
  • Key product features and benefits
  • Quality, materials, and environmental factors
  • Pain points your product solves
  • Testimonials or case studies
  • Links to relevant in-depth blog content
  • Comparisons
  • Product highlights
  • How-to guides

With this approach to welcome emails, you’re giving customers plenty of reasons to know, like and trust your products and your brand.

That’s not to say you’re not selling. You’re *absolutely* selling in these emails. In fact, every email should have several clear Calls To Action (CTAs) to invite customers to browse and buy. Again and again, leading customers back to your ecommerce website.

Great ecommerce emails take a “one at a time” approach

Email marketing may feel like a one-to-many broadcast to you, because you’re emailing thousands of people at once. 

But each person who reads your email is just one person, looking for a solution to their unique problem.

That’s why your email welcome sequence needs to build a relationship with one customer at a time. 

If you can make one customer at a time love your brand and buy from you, that really adds up.

Ready to start a long term relationship with your customers?

Who’s planning and writing my Email Welcome Sequence?

I’m Zoe Heard from Get Heard, and I’m an email strategist and copywriter working in Ngunnawal country, Canberra. I work with online retailers all over Australia, so location is no barrier.

I audit and write lifecycle emails for online retailers selling products for the home and for children.

Lover of homewares, appliances and renovation products. 

Mum of 2 small kids. Obsessed with Bluey. Former Disney Store Melbourne cast member. 

3 cups of Earl Grey tea per day. Wine and chocolate lover.

Email strategist and copywriter with a background in retail

I was a generalist online copywriter for 5 years before discovering my love of ecommerce emails in 2021. 

Now I work exclusively in welcome emails and lifecycle emails for ecommerce and retail brands.

I’m one of the few – possibly the ONLY – ecommerce email strategist and copywriter in Australia with a solid background in retail.

For you, this means I understand your retail business. The planning cycles, how much goes into product development, customer research, promotions, seasonal offers, THE LOT. Not many other copywriters have this depth of experience in retail.

  • I started my career as a cast member at The Disney Store in Melbourne. Got to play with toys for a living and sing along to Disney songs!
  • Embraced my love of homewares working at Bed Bath N Table in the flagship store in Hawthorn.
  • Worked as an Assistant Category Manager for Repco (experienced in white label product creation, purchasing, worked closely with the marketing team, and got good at extracting epic sales data from reports). 
  • Sold large furniture installations for a Dutch office furniture manufacturer.

And now, I have combined my love of retail with my love of copywriting. It’s a match made in heaven!

Email Welcome Sequence offer availability is limited

You get my email strategist brain diving deep into your business for 3-4 weeks during this process. From the initial briefing call, to research, strategy and writing is usually 2 weeks. 

Then you’ll have up to 1 week to review the drafts and give feedback. 

Then we’ll complete revisions and send the sequence for upload, which usually takes up to 1 week. This can be done by someone in your own team, or I can introduce you to an email technician.

(As an aside, I know better than to create the automation myself 😂. I’m not a tech expert in all the email platforms. That’s why I can introduce a trusted ESP automation whiz to do the tech upload for us, and as a bonus I’ll personally test all the emails).

High quality emails take time, which is why I can usually only work with 1 Email Welcome Sequence client each month. 

The process, and what do I need from you to write your Email Welcome Sequence?


1. Tell me about your business

Fill in your details on my Contact Form. Tell me about your business and your email goals, and I’ll see if we’re a good fit to work together. (Allow 5 minutes)


2. Book your briefing call date

If we’re a good fit, I’ll send you a link to book your briefing call. I’ll send you an invoice for the briefing call session, which is credited towards the rest of your project.

During your briefing, we’ll talk about your business and goals on Zoom and go DEEP into your customer journey. The ideas will be flowing and I’ll record the session for us both to refer to later. (Allow 60-90 minutes)


3. Give me access to your juicy data

I’ll need guest access to your email service provider: Klaviyo, Keap,  MailChimp, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, Drip or other ESP. (Allow 15 minutes)

Provide any relevant customer research, testimonials and other data about your target customer so I can get inside their heads as I’m planning and writing your emails. (Allow 30 minutes to collate and send research).


4. I create your custom email strategy and write your emails

While you get on with running your business, I get into the nitty gritty of your email strategy and writing. This takes about a week from our project start date (which we’ll choose during your briefing call). No further input required from you at this stage, while I do my thing.


5. Feedback and revisions

After I’ve presented your first draft, please review your emails. I want to make your you love them. (Allow 15-20 minutes to watch a Loom video walk through, plus 1 hour to review emails and give feedback).


6. Email design and upload automations

You can have someone in your team design and upload the emails to your ESP, because I’ll provide detailed instructions about the action steps in the automation. If you don’t have anyone who is comfortable with email automations, see below.

If you want an email tech whiz to create your email automation
After I’ve completed revisions, I can introduce my email tech whiz. You’ll engage them directly and you’ll send your email copy deck and the instructions I provide. They’ll design and upload your emails into the automation, and we’ll test everything. (Allow 30-60 minutes to review the emails and give feedback).


7. We start the email sequence running

All the hard work is done, and you can sit back and relax while every new subscriber gets a warm welcome and falls in love with your business.

Not sure? Have questions? 

No problem. Shoot me an email to and let me know what’s on your mind.

I look forward to chatting with you about all things email.