Convert under-performing text into messages with WOW factor

Editing your website using SEO copywriting techniques helps your business to rank higher in Google Searches.

Let’s get editing to make your message clear and more likely to

Get Heard.

If your message isn’t showing up in the right search, the right customers won’t see your product or service.

I edit website and blog copy to include the search terms by which you want to be found.

I write for humans first, and search bots second. I can edit your copy for ease of reading, tone of voice and correct grammar. I break up long sentences into shorter ones. I find ways to make your message clear.

There are a lot of companies competing for attention, so let’s make it easy for your customers to find and buy your product.

Get in touch for a quote and turnover time estimate for editing:


     website copy, sales pages and landing pages
     documents such as an annual report, letter or brochure
     Powerpoint presentations
     email newsletters or blog posts
     other sales material that should be performing better.

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