Ensure your brand always looks professional

Having typos in your copy is like having food in your teeth at a party.

It makes you look silly and distracts from what you were trying to say.

Typos make a business look unprofessional, and errors are damaging to the brand.

By having your website, email newsletters, blogs, reports and social media posts checked by a proofreader, you can ensure that your brand always looks professional.

It can be very difficult to proofread your own writing, because you see what you expect to see. Even if you’re pretty sure the document is correct, it’s still a good idea to have it checked. Proofreading doesn’t take long, and it’s an insurance policy against looking unprofessional in front of your customers.

I correct a lot of errors that spell check can’t pick up.

I see a lot of errors mixing up its and it’s, affect and effect, discrete and discreet.

Instagram is full of companies offering a sneak peak (they mean sneak peek).

In your Facebook post do you want to offer a complementary item or a complimentary item?

If the word is a real and correctly spelled word, but it’s the wrong word in that situation, spell check won’t highlight the error.

Did you know that spell check often ignores words in ALL CAPS? It’s a trap for your headings.

Grammar checkers often suggest corrections that are just plain wrong.

This is why you need an experienced human, not a machine, to check your document before it gets published.

I wish I had have found you years ago!
Really enjoy working with you and how you think… it’s a nice change to have someone on copy who thinks like me… holistically about the brand / design.
Jason Knight

The Creative Brains, Moved by Design

I can proofread your document for:

     spelling, including the correct use of tricky words
     punctuation, especially the correct use of apostrophes
     formatting, font size and spacing consistency
     meaning and flow

Don’t stress about it, I love this stuff. You need a self-confessed word-nerd to help with proofreading.

Get in touch for a quote and turnover time estimate for proofreading:

     documents such as an annual report, letter or brochure
     website copy; an existing website or before a new website goes live
     Powerpoint presentations
     a weekly schedule of social media posts
     email newsletters or blog posts
     anything else you’d like a set of expert eyes to check.

Make sure that document you’ve been slaving over for ages is looking professional.

Proofreading prices


The amount of time it will take to proofread and correct a document depends on how many changes I need to make. If you need an estimate of the cost to proofread your document, please get in touch and send me a copy of the document.

Retainer packages are available for businesses that need a certain amount of proofreading each month. For example, your business might need proofreading for four blog posts, 20 social media posts and a special promotion email each month; contact me to discuss a proofreading package that suits your business needs.

I also proofread for other copywriters. If you are a copywriter looking for a proofreader with a killer eye for detail, I’m the one you’re looking for.

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